The CGHS APT Welcomes You to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Welcome back!

We hope you enjoyed your summer, and we would like to welcome all new and returning students along with their parents to a new school year at CGHS. We are looking forward to working with the very supportive administrative staff, energetic teachers and faculty, and most of all with the parents and students at CGHS. Without the support of all the wonderful families at CGHS, our APT would not exist!

This upcoming school year will be a year of challenges, growth, and exciting moments for all of us. From our new 9th grade students preparing to learn new schedules and a new school environment to the 10th and 11th graders who will learn new roles as they grow in the building and get more involved CGHS,
some of them will even start to drive! Our 12th graders are getting ready for the demands and excitement of senior year and post high school experiences.

The full support of parents and teachers is important, and being involved at your child's school is a way to stay in touch with their world.

The CGHS APT will be collecting membership dues of $20.00 at Back to School Night on September 20th. These dues go directly towards items our school may need and directly impact all of our students. We appreciate it if you would join at Back to School Night; if you can’t we will send information of how to still be able to join.

This year we will be having a 50/50 raffle at back to school night to raise funds to support our beautification, staff appreciation, Alumni luncheon and more as well as fulfilling Mr. Mangili’s wish list for the students! We hope you will all support this fundraiser and possibly be the winner!

Thanks to the great support this past school year, the CGHS APT was able to raise funds and work with the All School Council, Music Matters and the Project Graduation Class of 2017 to put new lettering on the high school so visitors can find our Gymnasium and Auditorium much easier. Although financial support is necessary to host our fundraisers, we also encourage parents to dedicate their time and volunteer for our committees in the hope of bringing new ideas to encourage student participation and meet our financial goals.

If you have not already done so, please join our Facebook page, CGhighschool APT, we keep everyone up-to-date with what is going on with the CGHS APT. Look for our emails blasts with what we are doing and you can also email us at if you can help us in any way, have any concerns, questions, or new ideas. We look forward to working with all of you and having your support in the upcoming school year. Without your support, the APT cannot exist, please continue to support us!

Our APT meetings have moved to the second Tuesday of every other month. Please join us at our first APT meeting on September 18, 2018 in the CGHS Cafeteria at 7:00pm and find out what other exciting things will be going on this year.

Thank you!
The APT Executive Board Officers

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