The Cedar Grove Board of Education’s board meeting scheduled for May 4, 2021 will begin at 6:30 pm in the Auditorium of Cedar Grove High School. Upon opening the meeting, the Board will immediately take action to enter into Executive Session to discuss a legal issue and personnel. The Board will reconvene in Public at 7:30 pm.

All people attending the meeting must wear a facemask, sit in required seats at least 6 feet apart, have their temperature taken and answer a survey. The Board reserves the right to refuse entry to any people exhibiting certain symptoms that pertain to COVID-19 and are a health risk to the public.

If you do not want to attend the meeting in person, it will be livestreamed to our YouTube channel at the below link:

You will have the option to make public comment during that portion of the meeting, by entering your name on the sign up sheet, which is available in the lobby of the auditorium before the meeting begins. No public comment will be taken from viewers on the YouTube channel. Once the occupancy reaches the social distancing capacity, people are asked to view the live streaming of the meeting at the above link. Action will be taken.

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