Program Overview and Highlights


The Cedar Grove Gifted and Talented program services identified students in Grades K through 12.  These students will receive weekly pull-out sessions with the district gifted and talented teacher.  In these sessions, students will participate in lessons that will encourage and challenge them in the specific areas of their abilities.  The lesson will not replace the basic instructional program of the various grades of this district.


If a student qualifies for the program, parents will be notified via letter from the special services department.  A student who participates in this program will be expected to maintain academics and behavior associated with a gifted and talented student.  Participation in the program is not mandatory; a student can opt out if his/her family elects to do so.




To participate in the academically gifted program, students undergo an identification process, based on test results and teacher recommendations.  Such students manifest behaviors in three general clusters of characteristics:  above average intellectual ability, task commitment, and creativity.


Identification is based on multiple criteria and students qualify for the programs based on the accumulation of points in each of the areas listed below.


Below are the indicators used for the identification matrix:


  • MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) – Math and Language Arts
  • InView (Administered in Grades 2, 4 and 6) – qualifying scores starting in the national percentile (NPA)
  • Teacher Recommendation/Scale of Performance Criteria (filled out by teacher)


Each score a student earns on the assessments and the performance ratings are given a point value on the matrix.  A total of 26 combined points on the identification matrix must be achieved for a student to qualify for the program.  Every year, a Gifted and Talented committee will receive the recommendations of the teacher and test scores. This will determine which pupils qualify to participate in the program and those that did not.  If a student does not meet the criteria after already being in the program, s/he will be allowed to continue in the program for a probationary year.  Continuation in the program for the following school year is contingent on the previous year’s performance.


  • Teacher Recommendation/Scale of Performance Criteria
  • Writing and Work Samples
  • Grandfathered at the end of 8th Grade
  • Reviewed every year for continued placement
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