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The Cedar Grove School District  prides itself on creating an environment in which all students can feel safe and secure. This is achieved by not only security measures that have been put into place, but the overall monitoring of school climate through the use of data collection and teacher/student feedback.


The measures put into place required by law allow for a systematic, organized approach to dealing with an alleged Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Incident. The anti-bullying specialist along with their resources follow these protocols to the letter of the law.


Every administrator, teacher and staff member is here to protect the children they provide service to.  They have been educated and trained to fulfill the intent of this protective act.


On this page, you will find resources for parents to further educate themselves and understand the law and its guiding practices.

Our Team

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Mr. Kinney, Director of Special Services

973-239-1550 ext. 6200

CGHS Anti-Bullying Specialists

Ms. Rubino & Mrs. Denman


MMS Anti-Bullying Specialist

Ms. Slota


NE & SE Anti-Bullying Specialist

Mr. Skowronek

973-256-1454 (NE)

973-239-2116  (SE)

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