Language Arts – Kindergarten


Language Arts Literacy – Grade 1


Language Arts Literacy – Grade 2


Language Arts Literacy – Grade 3


Language Arts Literacy – Grade 4


English – Grade 5


English – Grade 6


English – Grade 7


English – Grade 8


English I


English I Honors


English II


English II Honors


English III


English III Honors


English IV


English IV Honors


AP English


Media and American Pop Culture


Film Study


Communication Literacy




Character Education


Tomorrow’s Teachers


Media – Kindergarten


Media – Grade 1


Media – Grade 2


Media – Grade 3


Media – Grade 4


Social Connections


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The Cedar Grove Public School District is pleased to announce once again the Integrated Preschool Program for the 2020-2021 school year. Please click the following link "Integrated Preschool Application"