NJ Future Ready District Leadership Team

Michael J. Fetherman, Superintendent
Mike DeVita, Business Administrator
Jim Walsh, Director of IT
Chris Kinney, Director of Special Services
Richard Mangili, CGHS Principal
Nicholas DeCorte, MMS Principal
Traci Dyer, North End School Principal
Lynn DiMatteo, South End School Principal
Claire Swanson, CGHS Leader, Grades 9-12
Linda Leddy, NE School Leader, Grades K-4
Mary DeNunzio, SE School Leader , Grades K-4
Jeremy Luogameno, MMS School Leader, Grades 5-8
David Coster, Math Teacher, Grades 9-12
Mike Tedesco, Computer Science, Grades 9-12

CGHS Future Ready Team
Rick Mangili, High School Principal
Jody Inglis, Vice Principal
Claire Swanson, High School Media Center Specialist
Alicia Angione, Social Studies Teacher
Jessica Schomaker, Social Studies Teacher
Mike Tedesco, Computer Science
David Coster, Mathematics Teacher

Memorial Middle School Future Ready Team
Nick Decorte, Middle School Principal
Jeremy Luogameno, STEM Teacher
Melissa Hill, Gifted and Talented
Alex Potts, Grades 5-8
Christie Torchia, Grades 5-8
Carl Ernst, Grades 5-8
Kelly Schlosser, Grades 5-8

North End Elementary Future Ready Team
Linda Leddy, North End Media Center Specialist
Traci Dyer, North End School Principal
Danielle McLaughlin, Resource Teacher, Grades 1 & 2
Suzanne Carr, North End Third Grade Teacher

South End Elementary Future Ready Team
Lynn DiMatteo, South End Principal
Mary DeNunzio, Media Specialist
Sandy Malagiere, Basic Skills Teacher
Stefanie Hios, Teacher, Grade 2

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