Cedar Grove Technology Department


Jim Walsh
Director of Technology


Angel Perez
Network Technician


Nicholas Franciosa
Computer Technician


The Technology Department team believes that prompt attention, friendly and knowledgeable service, and clear communication are vital towards insuring excellence in support for teachers, students and administrators when implementing technology in instruction and/or in their daily work. The Technology Department team uses a centralized solution, called “TroubleTrakker”, to assist and solve problems dealing with technology integration. TroubleTrakker is staffed by all Technology team members who seek to abide by guidelines listed below:


  1. Users know who to contact when they need help.
  2. Users get immediate attention via email, service call or remote assistance.
  3. Technology team members ask users for all relevant information during the initial contact.
  4. Technology team members have a friendly and courteous demeanor while providing help.
  5. Technology team members pursue regular professional development to keep skills current.
  6. If a Technology team member cannot provide assistance, he/she can direct a user to someone for a prompt resolution.
  7. Users receive clear answers, free of technical jargon.
  8. Users receive consistent answers.
  9. Users know the state of the resolution to their problem at all times.
  10. Users not only receive a solution, but also receive the knowledge to prevent or address their issue in the future.