Program options for students include the following, which begin with the “least restrictive” and move in the direction of more restrictive options.


Preference is given to general education classes with supplementary aids and services in the school which the student would attend if not disabled. Such additional aids and services support successful integration and may include the following as examples:


  • Resource Center Programs in all buildings provide support and/or replacement instruction from a special education teacher. Students are usually in general education classes for significant portions of the day, depending upon their needs. They may go to the Resource Center for specific types of assistance, or the Resource Center teacher may go into the regular education class to provide instruction. The specific type of service for each student is determined through the IEP.
  • Self contained classes are located in all buildings. The preschool handicapped program offers special education and related services for children beginning at age three and continuing until they are eligible for Kindergarten. The District has also initiated a special program for preschool and primary age children with Autism.
  • Out of District placements are made when a student’s needs can not be accommodated within the District. There are a range of programs available in other public school districts that accept tuition students, and in programs administered through agencies such as a Jointure Commission or Educational Services Commission. Private schools approved for services to children with disabilities also provide specialized programs. Occasionally, the IEP Team places a student in a school that is an accredited facility, but not approved by the New Jersey Department of Education for special education services.

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