Special Education


The Cedar Grove School District provides a continuum of services to students with identified disabilities through programs offered both in and out of the District. A committee, entitled the Individualized Education Program Team (IEP Team), selects the particular program for a student based on assessment results (Present Levels of Educational Performance) which define individual needs. This IEP Team includes:


  • At least one Child Study Team member
  • A regular education teacher
  • A special education teacher
  • The parent

The student may also participate when appropriate. The IEP Team:


  • Meets to review information about the particular student.
  • Identifies needs.
  • Sets goals and objectives.
  • Selects the appropriate program for attaining these goals and objectives.

The program for a student with disabilities must be in the “least restrictive environment,” which means that a student should receive as many services as possible within the general education setting and be removed from the company of nondisabled students only when necessary. Districts are required to offer students access to a continuum of services, and the IEP Team discusses these program options from the “least restrictive” to the “most restrictive” before selecting a placement for implementing the IEP.

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