Christopher Kinney, Director of Special Services


Marylynn Benanti, Administrative Assistant


Child Study Team


Denise Geddis, LDTC – Case Manager North End Elementary School PK- 3 & OOD


Christopher Faley, LDTC – Case Manager South End Elementary School PK- 3 & OOD


Colleen Bulger, School Social Worker – Case Manager Grades 4-6 & OOD


Eric Pace, School Psychologist – Case Manager- Grades 7-9 & OOD


Mark Grgas, School Psychologist – Case Manager – Out of District


Barbara Weber, Speech and Language Specialist – South End Elementary School


Cara Cilento, Speech and Language Specialist –Memorial Elementary School


Alexsandria Castillo, Speech and Language Specialist – North End Elementary School


Kim Ciprian, Speech and Language Therapist- North/South End Elementary Schools


Brenda Conyngham, Occupational Therapist – All Schools



Our office is located at:


Cedar Grove Public Schools
Student Services Department
520 Pompton Avenue
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
Phone:  (973) 239-1550
Fax:  (973) 239-8606